Whether you are serving in the UK or Europe, or want to be, GEM UK wants to connect with you. We believe partnership is essential as we work to make disciples.


Whether you’re planting a new church or looking to grow an old one, we can connect you with new resources.


From a few months to a full year, come serve the Church in Europe as an intern while learning from experienced ministers already growing disciples.

The Ten2 Project

We need 100 people to come share the gospel for 10 weeks across multiple European cities! This is an incredible opportunity for you to be a part of the story God is writing in Europe.

Long Term

If you feel God is calling you to live as a missionary in another city or country, we’re here to walk that path with you.

Focus Cities

We are launching a new network of organizations to reach the city of Birmingham, UK. Let’s work together to spread the Gospel here.


GEM UK relies on the generous donations of organizations and individuals from around the world. If you’d like to become one of our financial partners, we humbly accept your support.


We rely on prayer; and when we seek God, we believe God hears our prayers. We value unity in prayer, you giving your time to pray with us, and believe the best partnerships always come out of unity in prayer. If you’d like to become one of our prayer partners, we would humbly accept your support.

@stephenpaulwhittington, church planter and GEM partner with @engagewm in Birmingham, England, shares a vision for church planting in England.

Learn more about GEM’s mission to the UK through the link in our bio!

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Beautiful Andorra draws 8-10 million tourists every year who come for skiing, hiking, spas, and shopping. Sadly, less than one per cent of this little country are followers of Christ, as the vast majority follow Roman Catholic tradition. Many Andorrans see the church as important for rites of passage such as baptism, first communion, and marriage.

Join us in praying that the evangelical churches will develop a vision to creatively reach other Andorrans, tourists, and immigrants with God’s love.

#PrayforEurope #PrayforAndorra

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Universities are some of the most strategic places for disciples of the gospel to be made, and France has a huge opportunity for more workers to join in as God multiplies His Church!

Do you feel a desire to see a resonating impact on individual lives in France? Visit the link in our bio to learn more about where you could serve on our team in France.

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Beautiful Turkey hosts many delightful, generous, and welcoming people. However, Islam's roots are deeply ingrained in tradition and religious beliefs. While officially a secular country, evangelicals have been discriminated against, harassed and even killed in the recent past in Turkey.

Turkey also serves as the “gateway” to Europe as many people cross through its borders, some of whom remain stuck there as refugees.

Join us in praying that...
🌍 God’s Spirit will break down cultural barriers so Muslims will be willing to consider Christ’s claims.
🌍 Believers in Turkey will boldly demonstrate who Jesus is.
🌍 God will call His people to creatively serve among Turks in both Turkey and Europe, where many immigrants now live.

Learn more about GEM UK's mission to Europe and how you can pray by visiting our website through the link in our bio. #PrayforEurope #PrayforTurkey

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France is ready for the gospel, and engaging in fitness ministries opens a connection point to a nation enthusiastic about sports.

If your passion is for spreading the Gospel, showing hope to the people of France, and meeting people through shared interests, read more and connect with us through the link in our bio.

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This country in Northeastern Europe has claimed Lutheranism since the Reformation. After Latvia declared independence from Soviet rule in 1991, the newfound religious freedom quickly faded to nominal faith. #prayforEurope #prayforLatvia

Join us in praying that...
🌍 Latvian Christians will embrace the foreigner among them and reach out to the many internationals coming, especially students.
🌍 A new generation of well-equipped church leaders to emerge.
🌍 God will encourage national pastors and ministry leaders who serve in tiring and often discouraging environments.

Learn more about GEM UK's mission to Europe and how you can pray by visiting our website through the link in our bio.

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How do you think of discipleship?

GEM UK believes in discipleship as a foundation for missions, and we believe that discipleship is a lifelong choice of submission to the Lord!

Learn more about GEM's missional discipleship focus through the link in our bio.

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"Like many of the refugees, Hamza focuses on being happy to be alive, being grateful to those who have helped him, and being hopeful for the future."

Visit the link in our bio to read about an unusual refugee ministry in France!

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#prayforeurope #prayforbulgaria

Today most Bulgarians claim to be Orthodox and just 1.8 percent of Bulgarians are evangelical believers. That is why reaching them with the hope of the gospel remains a vital initiative of GEM! Here are ways to pray for Bulgaria this week.

‍✨ Pray for Bulgarians, Turks, Roma, and refugees to have their eyes opened to the Truth and to find Jesus as Savior, not religion or traditions.

✨ Pray for God to raise up a new generation of bold believers from all walks of life who are committed to sharing the gospel, discipling new believers, and training them to multiply. Ask God to send more workers, including Bulgarians, to reap the Lord’s harvest throughout Bulgaria, the Balkans, and beyond.

For more information on GEM UK's mission to Bulgaria, visit the link in our bio!

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Global missions gives us an opportunity to reflect Christ's care for the entire world and partner with His mission to share the hope of a God who loves us!

A few ways you could participate include...

🌎 Prayer partnership
🌎 Encouragement of current missionaries
🌎 Support through financial gifts
🌎 Help with immediate projects on short-term trips
🌎 Service as a long-term missionary

Learn more by visiting the link in our bio!

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Jesus was a missionary. To be more like Jesus, we need to become missionaries ourselves. Whether we follow a call to England or anywhere else in the world or if we stay in the town we grew up in, to be a follower of Christ means to live on mission ...

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We're just nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save anybody!! ...

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Today is St. George's Day. St. George is the patron saint of England. Since GEM's first mission in England in 2012, England has quickly grown into one of the largest fields for GEM.
Though, because of actions in history by the government of England, many don't celebrate this day as much as the celebration days of St. Patrick, St Andrews, or St David.
But despite how many may view the English, God still loves for and longs for communion with the English. An abundance of church heritage and historic missionary zeal has come out of England, but now in much of the nation less than 2% attend church.
As we recognise this St. George's Day, let's pray for the nation of England and that our missionaries in the field will help bring forth a revival that will bring England back to Christ.
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He is Risen indeed ...

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#goodfriday ...

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A lot can change in a week
#palmsunday #gemuk

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Another new team member recently landed! Welcome McKayla!
McKayla was a former intern in Birmingham who had to end her time a little early because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. But God called her to return back full time! She will continue serving in Birmingham and hopefully building on the relationships she has already established.
We are so excited to have her back in the UK serving alongside us.

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