Connecting the family of God for the mission of God

We bring together those that have a vision and heart for the church in the UK, who want to see catalytic change through common strategy, discipleship, growth, and mission. It’s about bringing the best from each organisation, church, agency and open-handedly asking what each has to offer.

By partnering churches in the UK that need support alongside U.S. churches, we create relationships that bring life to the church as a whole, seeing true collaboration and new mission strategy coming to the fore. We hope that these relationships aren’t one sided but become deep friendships that honour God and carry together, between the U.S. and UK Church, a vision after God’s own heart. We believe partnership is how God works and that the elements below are the basis of good US:UK partnerships.


What makes a good U.S. partner:

Ideal partners will commit to a period of three years in which they will (1) send a short-term team each year, (2) provide financial support for expansion projects and training, (3) raise up full-time missionaries to be sent to the UK and above all (4) pray for each other and share how God is at work in our churches and communities.

Through this partnership your church will bless our cities and communities and the many people groups within them. Please help us by serving the local vision while expanding our horizons with new ideas and perspectives.

What makes a good UK partner:

Ideal partners will send a team or person to report about God’s work here in the UK to the twinned U.S. church and to give thanks for their partnership. UK churches will also commit to raise up a short-term team from your church to serve elsewhere in Europe through opportunities among refugees, the homeless, English learners and many more.

Through this partnership your church will bless brothers and sisters in America who are responding to the Jesus’s call to spread the Gospel, the same call that we earnestly desire will take root once again the UK.